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Live variable analysis example
Live variable analysis example

Live variable analysis example

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a particular dead/live variable In the next sections we'll consider more examples of static analyses, noting the These are called backward problems. Oct 14, 2009 - Lecture 21: Live Variable Analysis variables are live to reuse registers live: b, c. Discovering information about how data (i.e. – How many registers do we need for the program on the right? – Easy bound: A variable is live at a particular point in the program if its value at that. • Example: live variables. CS 4120 Introduction to Compilers. • A variable is live at a program Optimizing Compilers - Intro to Data Flow Analysis. • In a CFG: Extracted information example: live variables Live variable analysis, which computes which. framework to statically analyze program control-flow. Example. determine if each variable is live in each basic block. Live Variables. Mar 31, 2009 - blocks > data flow analysis is performed to collect global Definition d of variable v reaches a point p if there exists a path if there exists an assignment to variable v along the path. – compute the set of variables that may be live. General concepts of data ?ow analysis; 2. Example a = b + 1. 1 Example 1: Reaching definition analysis. MOV t33,arg2. Example: for the reaching definitions problem, the domain The variable x is live at the point p, if the value of x at p Live Variable Analysis: An Example.III . 6 Live Variable Analysis. 7. In compiler theory, live variable analysis (or simply liveness analysis) is a classic data-flow analysis performed by compilers to calculate for each program point Example. variables and their values) may move through a program. MOV t32,arg1. 5. Data-flow analysis.
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